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Managing Anxiety for Individuals

Mindfulness for Anxiety - Package I

  • CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) Course, 6- 12 weeks total. Cost and protocol determined by specific client issues. 

  • To address anxiety, obsessions, compulsions, phobias.  Use of ERP protocol, nutrition plan, sleep plan, adrenal support and herbal remedy support plans. Yoga + daily mindfulness exercises.

  • OCD assessment and treatment, if indicated

  • Med and nonmed treatment options

Mindfulness for Performance Anxiety - Package II

  • Performance Anxiety. Separate plan for children, adolescents, and adults. Cost and protocol determined by specific client issues.

  • Use of safe and appropriate medication, when indicated and desired by client. Use of nutrition plan. Use of herbal remedies, when indicated. Use of adrenal support, meditation protocol, specific readings, specific sleep hygiene program, CBT and yoga regimen.



Mindfulness for Executives - Package III

  • Executive Protocol. Assessment of executive functioning, focus, organization, productivity, anxiety, satisfaction, and overall functioning/happiness state. 

  • ADHD assessment and treatment, if indicated

  • Appointments are scheduled at the convenience of the executive and at a location convenient to the executive. Multiple scales used and overview of health status and records. In most cases, this accompanies a combination medical and nutrition package. Recommendations Provided directly. Confidentiality is maintained at a level requested by the client. Cost and protocol determined by specific client issues.


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