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Integrative Medical Services For Individuals

Integrative Wellness - Package I

Comprehensive Medical Assessments, Bio/Psychological/Social/Spiritual Model using Eastern and Western Medicine Philosophies.


  • 2-hour appointment with an assessment of physical exam; review and ordering of comprehensive labs (includes hormone, nutritional assessment). Obtaining releases for and consulting with all primary MD and other specialists involved on the case; Assessment of Nutrition Status (Food diary worksheets are provided and completed over 2-weeks prior to appt), Relationship/Connectivity Review, Sleep Cycle Review; Med/Herbal/Substance Interaction Review.

  • 1-hour feedback session with Dr. Best’s diagnostic and treatment recommendations. Recommendations will include any medication recommendations (with medication start/stop recommendations and specific instructions on how to do so/adrenal support in doing so). Recommendations will include diet, sleep, herbal remedy, exercise type/plan, connectivity plan, and other specifics based on each individual’s case.  Dr. Best will provide direct feedback to patient in person and to other doctors and providers by written report and phone consultation, if desired by client.

Integrative Wellness - Package II

  • Above, with 3 appointments total. Additional meeting to discuss the  status of recommendations provided. 

Super-receipt with ICD 10 Coding provided to the client. Client then submits this to insurance for reimbursement, which is not guaranteed. 

Integrative Wellness - Package III

  • Medical Consultation MD to MD, or other health provider; Dr. Best will review all records prior to the  appointment. Meeting occurs with client  and the other health care provider at the other MD/health provider’s office. Dr. Best’s diagnostic and treatment recommendations are provided face to face.  Additional appointments may be arranged by the client. 

A Super Receipt with ICD 10 coding is provided to each client for submission to insurance for reimbursement.

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