As a nutritionist, chemist and psychiatrist, Dr. Best brings a holistic perspective to helping others achieve Full Wellness.

Listen to Dr. Best discussing Holistic Approaches to Psychiatry, Nutrition, and More!



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Nutrition - Package I

 6 month, 12 month membership package, with twice monthly workshops focusing on nutrition, anxiety, wellness. 

Nutrition - Package II

2-hour session. Review of physical exam, weight, and BMI, Labs (sent to Dr. Best and or ordered by Dr. Best based on form completed by each client prior to appointment). Food diaries are completed  and sent in by the client over 2-4 weeks prior to the consultation appointment. Direct feedback and written recommendations to the client provided at that single appointment.

Nutrition - Package III
2-hour session. All of above and two, one-hour sessions 1-2 weeks later to discuss status of recommendations, for Dr. Best to provide additional recommendations and review of updated food diaries.