Previous Retreats and Wellness Confrences

2018 Retreats and Wellness Conferences:
January 1-5        Completion of:  Mercure Easy Work Paris, France and Romanico Palace Wellness Centre Rome, Italy
January 13-14    Women's Wellness/Transformational Living
                             Las Vegas
January 18          8:00am- 12:00noon  Workshop, Adrenal Support, Medication and Supplements
                             Santa Monica, CA
January 26-28    Relationship Recovery and Renewal                   
                             Idyllwild, CA
February 3          SPEAK, Wine and Wisdom                       Wine and Wisdom
                              Livermore, CA
February 10        Youth Power Summit, Speaker
                              Oxnard, CA
March 24            Google, Inc. + SPEAK    Teen Event           SPEAK
                             Google Campus, Palo Alto, CA
April 14               SPEAK, Wine and Wisdom                      Wine and Wisdom
                             Atlanta, GA
April 15               Women's Transformational Living            ***Rescheduled, Date tbd
                             Lake Arrowhead, CA         
April 19-22          Executive Planning/CEO Workshops
                             New York, New York
May 2                  Treatment of Anxiety in Teens, Medication and Alternatives
                             The Child and Guidance Center
                              Northridge, CA
May 20                Priorities and Purpose Segment
                             Hotel Indigo, Downtown Los Angeles
June 22               Ft Lauderdale, FL  Speaker, Integrating Wellness into Medical Practice
July 14                 Mindfulness and Yoga retreat, Santa Barbara, CA
July 20                 El Capital Canyon Women's Mindfulness Retreat
                             Santa Barbara/Goleta CA
August 4             Joshua Tree Teen Group Retreat
August 16          Young Adult Women's Group Retreat, Cambria, CA
August 31          Women's Recovery and Rejuvenation Retreat, Idyllwild, CA
September 8     Big Bear Kids and Teens Mindfulness Retreat
October 22        Central Coast Women's Transformational Living Week Retreat
January 20  Point Dume Women's Mindfulness Retreat
February 2nd   Wrightwood Teen's Mindfulness in the Snow Retreat
October 3-6  Northern California Women's Group Retreat
November 16  Conference on Executive Planning, Mindset and Purpose
                           New York City
January 15-17-- Cambria/Big Sur Retreat, California
February 19--STEM speaker; The Science of Mental Health Antelope Valley College Antelope Valley, California
March 5-12-- Miami, Fl Workshop; Eastern Caribbean Retreat
March 26-- Melanin Talks  "My Story" Presenter, with Dr Deena Brown
April 1-8-- Paris, France workshop and retreat
May 2-6 Women's Retreat Miraval SpaTucson, Arizona


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